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It is my soul's  purpose  to be of service to you. As I had walked the path of the wounded healer I know  the darkness and pain that we must overcome in order to step into our power of becoming. It is my honor to be part of your healing process of becoming whole again so you can remember that you are a luminous being of love and light.

What We Offer

Energy Healing

We start our journey with the illumination process, we become aware of our wounds. With courage we begin to explore our Luminous Energy Field and begin to use different practices such as extractions, soul retrieval, fire ceremonies and Sacred offerings to aid our healing process.




Imprints are bundles of information that are holographically stored in the Luminous Energy Field (LEF), or commonly referred to as one's "aura", it is a download of beliefs through our chakras, or energy centers, that can affect the nervous system. The illumination process erases these toxic imprints from our LEF and overrides them with Light. Once it is clear, then you begin to Create Health and a new Authentic Life.


Soul Retrieval

At times of trauma or stress we can disconnect from a piece of ourselves due to childhood trauma, illness, relationship, or collective trauma. This part of us leaves the body into the quantum field.

We need to explore and find the original wound e.g. soul's history. Then we coax them back to us and we can experience extraordinary healing.

In order to perform soul retrieval, we use a specific practice called Journeying. By journeying, we step out of the physical  state and step into the quantum field so we can recover the fragmented soul part.



Ceremonial offering of our intentions and prayers to Mother Earth, Mountain Spirits and Guiding Spirits.

We create  a prayer offering using sacred items (each representing a symbolic element) and adding their own individual prayers of Gratitude. The bundles can also be prepared for general and specific purposes such as attracting Love, Prosperity, or for Healing.

We can also create an Aya offering to assist the deceased in their journey into the After Life.



All Matter is concentrated energy and everything we experience is energy in Relationship. However, oftentimes certain energies may not be in Right Relationship ("Ayni" in Quechua) with you. These can be intrusive energies and intrusive entities. Intrusive energies can be anger, jealousy, and resentment directed towards you. Sometimes these energies may be coming from someone very close to you. Your Luminous Energy Field knows this loved one and doesn't recognize it as harmful;  these energies embed in your body and become toxic . There are also instances where these intrusive energies can come from our ancestors or we carry them from previous life times. By extracting these intrusive energies from the Luminous Energy Field, we can recover our well being.

Intrusive entities are disembodied souls that may have died tragically and are stuck between worlds. Looking for help, especially if is a loved one, an entity can become attached to you. These entities are only looking for help in order to cross over.


Fire Ceremony

Fire is a wild energy and a helpful ally. It represents the rapid illumination process we go through on our healing journey but it can also recycle energy. We sit around the fire to focus our intent in letting go of ALL aspects of our lives that no longer serve us. We may also burn objects that represent different issues in life and symbolically release them into the Fire for one's Transformation.

The purpose of the burning object is to transform the energy of our issue and release it into the Light . We take this energy in and use it to nourish our Luminous Energy Field. We sit around the fire to create a new dream for ourselves and for the world. A world where we want our grandchildren to inherit. We sit around the fire with love and intention, participating in the dreaming process and strengthening our connection to Spirit.


I met Mimi back in 2017 as a coworker, she always carried a gentle, kind, uplifting spirit. Back in 2018 my life got flipped upside down after the loss of my spouse. Mimi came to the funeral and told me who she is and what she does outside of work as I would know her. Shortly after the funeral I was open to doing some energetic/spiritual work to reclaim pieces of my soul lost through such a tragic and sudden loss. I kept getting hospitalized for anxiety attacks and nervous breakdowns I was a mess to say the least. I was widowed at 29 years old and felt like I was drifting through life aimlessly.

 Mimi is a great teacher, she taught me how to eat for energy, how to ground myself and she performed soul retrieval work on me when I needed it most.

If it wasn’t for Mimi I’m not sure how’d I ever learn this sacred healing information that is deemed ancient wisdom passed down and taught by the authentic medicine men and women from Peru.  Her techniques and how she works always amazes me and I’m grateful for her gift that she shares with the ones who seek healing on a energetic level. 

Her approach is genuine she doesn’t claim to heal you she assist you in healing yourself and she’s not like other shamans I’ve been to that suggest you keep coming back for length expensive sessions. She’s genuine, knowledgeable, and the real deal when it comes to educating her clients on what energy work is and what healing actually looks like. I can’t thank her enough on how she helped me heal through painful experiences into wholeness on a mind, body and spiritual level. 

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